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October 24, 2011, 10:22 am
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New Styles on Skreened

We’ve been busy adding new styles and colors of apparel for your designs!

Here are just a few we’ve added:Camo shirts and more new designs

  • The American Apparel Baseball Tee, now carried in White with Red sleeves.
  • The American Apparel Long Sleeve Unisex Fitted Tee in Black!
  • Our Anvil Value Fitted Tee is now available in two Camo colors.

Haven’t seen us in a while? Dark shirts and zip hoodies were some notable additions to our line earlier this year as well. Come check them out.

Just Launched: Skreened Referral Program

This program replaces our existing affiliate program (don’t worry, if you’re already an affiliate, your link codes don’t change).

Here’s how it works: 
In addition to getting commission for every design you sell, you can also get $5 in Skreened credit for every new customer you send to Skreened that makes a purchase! We’ve got better tools, so it’s easy for you to share Skreened with the world! Check out the 
referrals page in your account section, and start sharing!

Integrate Your Shop with Google Analytics!

We’re excited to offer shopkeepers Google Analytics integration for tracking for your individual Skreened shops! It’s an effective way to monitor how many people visit your shop designs, where they come from and a ton of other important data that will help you optimize your shop and do great marketing.

Google Analytics Logo

Step 1: Sign up for a Google Analytics account
Click here to see how to do this step.

Step 2: Create your username for Google Analytics. Then input the website url, which is Agree to the terms of use and create your account!
Click here to see how to do this step.

Step 3: Analytics will then give you a Web Property ID. It is a code that begins with UA.
Click here to see how to do this step.

Step 4: Once you have this code, login to your Skreened account, and go to your account dashboard. Click on Preferences. Scroll down to your Google Analytics setting and insert the UA code in the box provided. Update your preferences, and you’re all set!
Click here to see how to do this step.

Want to Get Found?
How To Describe and Tag Your Designs 

It’s ridiculously important to properly name, tag, and describe your designs thoroughly and accurately when publishing designs to your shops on Skreened.

Proper keywords in design descriptions as well as tags ensure people can find your designs when searching Skreened, or using other search engines.

Be sure to use proper keywords in the:

  • Title - This should hook the viewer into wanting to look at your design. It might be descriptive or funny, and the shorter the better. (Title FAIL: Avoid referencing your default shirt style or color, as your design can be placed on any customizable item on the Skreened site unless you specify otherwise.)
  • Tags – You are allowed 5 tags for your designs, so make them count! These should be words you might not use in the title or description, but might help people find your design. (Tag FAIL - Using unrelated words, or not separating tags with a comma and a space.)
  • Description - Every word in your description acts as a tag of sorts. It helps people find your design. That’s why it’s so important for the description to be complete and specific. (Description FAIL - nothing there. . . !)

Just think, if you were searching for your design on Google, what words would you enter in that search bar? The Specific is Terrific – and those are words to use while tagging and describing your designs.

Below are 2 links to examples of good tagging and descriptions:

Astronaut Cat by Lucius
Description:  Boldly going where no cat has gone before. Join him in his adventure to outer space with this t-shirt.
Tags:  cat, space, astronaut, funny, moon

Statue of Liberal Dosage by kBilltv
Description:  The Statue of Liberty with that spiky business up top turned in the direction of a Mohawk. Color graphic on t-shirts, hoodies, bags, gifts.
Tags:  statue of liberty, mohawk, punk, rock, metal

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