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Happy Earth Day!
April 22, 2009, 12:22 pm
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Since it is Earth day I thought I would tell you how we at Skreened are doing our part in helping out to save good ole Mother Earth.

But how could t-shirts help prevent all these environmental issues we see arising today like global warming and the decrease in the rain forest.

The people at Skreened care very much about the environment and are taking every step to save it.  One way we achieve this is by using biodegradable shipping bags for our online customer orders. Now how does that relate to saving the rain forest or preventing global warming? Just by having these bags be biodegradable already saves the Earth a lot of time and space to survive. This type of bag slowly breaks down the plastic material over a fairly long amount of time, eventually turning it into a vapor and dust that are neither harmful nor toxic. Just think about it, regular plastic bags take up to 10-20 years (or more) to decompose while a biodegradable bag takes 75 days. Now that’s a huge difference!

This just shows how much we at Skreened want to make this world a better place for the future generations to come to enjoy it as much as we have! Go EARTH!!


Go Earth!

Go Earth!

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I think it’s great that Skreened is making every effort to do their part and act responsibly in taking care of our Mother Earth. I wish other corporations and companies would follow your lead.

75 days huh? I worked at a place once where they use biodegradable packing peanuts. If you put them in the sink and turned on the water, they dissolved in about 2 minutes. It was very cool to watch. It was as if you were watching something decompose in fast motion.

Comment by azac

can you imagine if a package made from that stuff were left on someone porch? It would just disappear! poof

Comment by skreened

[...] in yesterday’s statement, but another environmental practice of theirs involves the use of biodegradable shipping bags. Just toss ‘em in the compost when your shirt [...]

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